8 Best Mediterranean Beaches in Israel


Israel is located to the east Mediterranean Sea, with 187 kilometers of the Mediterranean coastline, the coastal cities are mostly plains, the climate is pleasant, but also the most populated area. Israel’s coastal cities have free public beaches and vary in landscape. The following Israeli beach from north to south picture presentation.

At the end of the this article, you will find the location of the beaches on the map.

  1. Achziv Beach

Achziv Beach is a great little strip of beach up on the northern coastline of Israel. It’s just past the town of Nahariya (about 5km), and on the road up to Rosh Hanikra, which is on the border with Lebanon.

Achziv Beach

Achziv Beach, Israel

  1. Haifa Dado Beach

Dado beach locates in central Haifa, it has pretty gardens along its long boardwalk promenade, beachside restaurants, pubs and coffee shops, free parking and sitting areas, a dance arena with weekly public dances, an amphitheatre for events, sports and playgrounds and a pool for toddlers. It’s even got Wi-Fi.

Dado offers reserved parking, adapted showers and bathrooms, and ramps for easy access to the beach.

haifa beach

Haifa Dado Beach

  1. Dor Beach

The Dor beach is part of a nature reserve and is overseen by the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, it costs a few shekels entrance fee, but once you’re in you have access to kilometers of coastline. Along the beautiful beach there are seashells and archeology ruins for exploration.  It’s much quieter than Tel Aviv beach but and has all the facilities ready. Very suitable for family.

This is a rocky beach, where the course sand ridges and water have created inlets and caves (the most famous of which is the blue cave).

The nature reserve boasts many shells, and its abundant plant life must contend with salty water and air.

dor beach

Dor Beach, Israel (Habonim Beach, Nachsholim)

  1. Caesarea Aqueduct Beach

The famous Caesarea Old City locates on the Mediterranean shore, and there is an old aqueduct across the beach which is used to be the fresh water channel of the Caesarea city. Now it becomes a romantic decoration on the beach, and the arches are the perfect spot for taking photos.

  1. Netanya Beach

There is no other city with beaches like Netanya’s. 13,5 kilometers of golden beaches, some of the most beautiful in Israel. On the beaches there are restaurants, bathing facilities and various attractions. A variety of activities are held on the beaches of Netanya: surfing, beach volleyball, sand football (soccer), marine sports and paragliding.

Netanya Beach

Netanya Beach

  1. Herzliya Beach

Herzliya is an upscale neighborhood just north of Tel Aviv. Herzliya Beach is considered one of Israel’s best beaches, notably quieter than those in Tel Aviv but still getting very busy at summer weekends, yet still developed with lots of lifeguards, restaurants, beach bars, and even a mall at the Herzliya Marina end. The beach is lined with five large hotels and is popular with tourists and the locals alike.

Herzliya Beach

Herzliya Beach

  1. Tel Aviv Gordon Beach

You can call Tel Aviv the city of beaches! Along its 14 kilometers coastal strip is composed of 13 official beaches. At every such beach you will find changing rooms and bathrooms, a lifeguard, a rescue station, chairs and sunbeds for rent, pergolas, and play areas where you can borrow backgammon, checkers, toy pails and shovels free of charge. In addition, beach libraries operate at the Jerusalem, Gordon, Metzizim and Hatzuk beaches. (ps. Jerusalem Beach in Tel Aviv, not in Jerusalem. There are no beaches in Jerusalem)

Tel-Aviv beach

Tel-Aviv Gordon Beach

  1. Ashkelon Beach

Under the Ashkelon National Park housing the ruins of ancient Ashkelon is a small, well-kept beach. All services are provided by the park, which also allows camping. There is a restaurant, grassy expanses, restrooms, picnic tables and areas where grilling is allowed.

NIS 25 ($6.5) for an adult; NIS 13 ($3.5) for a child; NIS 30-40 ($8-10) for camping.

ashkelon beach

Ashkelon Beach