6-Day Pilgrim Tour


Here is a 6-Day Pilgrimage Tour itinerary advice:

Day 1: Tel Aviv – Caesarea – Haifa – Nazareth – Cana – Tiberias Accommodation: Tiberias
After breakfast visit to Caesarea. Caesarea is a port of the New Testament book of Acts often mentioned.
Roman, Herod the northern side of the Mediterranean, Israel, which lasted twelve years, built a port city, dedicated to Augustus – Julius Caesar, so called “Caesarea.” Caesarea, once flourished. AD 640, the Arabs conquered, gradually fading to when Saladin occupation, the city has been destroyed exhaustive, two thousand years later, today’s Caesarea became a ruin.
After going to Haifa. Visit Baghdad is regarded as the Hanging Gardens garden cost $ 250 million to build the hillside, world harmony architectural style make this garden embodies the essence of the major architectural school, the highest point of the garden overlooking the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. Mount Carmel, Haifa cityscape views. Brunch at the hotel, lunch at a local restaurant in Haifa. A trip to the home of Mary of Nazareth to visit the Church of the Annunciation. Nazareth’s most prominent building is the Church of the Annunciation, built in 1966, is built on the same place fifth seat church, it is one of the world’s most sacred Christian chapel. Followed in the footsteps of Jesus through the land of Canaan to the wedding reception miracles – Cana. Wedding in Cana Jesus changed water to wine line first miracle place.

Day 2: Tiberias – Caesarea Philippi – Tiberias Accommodation: Tiberias
After breakfast, visit shrines surrounding the Sea of ​​Galilee. Beatitudes: is the traditional Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount place. Octagonal church to symbolize the Beatitudes.
Chief Peter Church (also known as Peter Hall that level), have risen Lord to his disciples to prepare breakfast stone church, now known as “Christ’s desk.” Five loaves and two fish: Jesus is here with five loaves and two fish fed five thousand people in the place. Capernaum: Capernaum is an ancient military town, clenched trade routes of the throat, the Romans established customs tax on this, tariffs. Matthew the Apostle was in this for the publicans, and later followed Jesus. Jesus of Nazareth was originally, and called His disciples to preach in favor of reason, select the main base of Capernaum ministry, last 18-20 months old, and as “their own city.” Jesus was in Peter’s home TCM up his mother’s illness Dian good Chinese medicine in the synagogue who was possessed by a demon Dian make synagogue daughter of Jairus resurrected son good health Dian Dian minister centurion’s servant and the like. Lunch at the lake of Galilee communes taste the famous specialties: Peter Fish. Wooden boat ride modeled after the meal in Jesus’ day tour Galilee: and 名提比利亚海 Sea of ​​Galilee, actually a freshwater lake. The Bible describes Jesus in Galilee shore called Peter Andre Dian Dian James and John, preached the teachings of healing and cast out demons, miracles, walking on the sea, big waves immediately called giant wind calm. Jesus Baptism at the Jordan: recorded in the Bible, John the Baptist, Jesus here. Numerous Christians are held here holy baptism. A trip to Caesarea Philippi. Caesarea Philippi is the New Testament Jesus preached the north to the farthest one place.

Day 3: Tiberias – Jericho – Qumran – Dead Sea Hotel: Dead Sea or Jerusalem
To those in the west coast of the Dead Sea in the Judean desert oasis in the desert has said the base is hereby EIN GEDI, feel Jews insist on technological innovation in the desert to create a beautiful home.
Go to the city of palm trees Jericho: Jericho, known as the world’s oldest cities. Bible inherently bad quality of Jericho, and fell indigenous unfamiliar, but after the prophet Elisha to heal, it becomes a source of running water, endless surge. Jesus healed blind Bartimaeus old there. Hill overlooking the temptation, the temptation of Satan at the Lord Jesus.
Go Quinlan tour. 1947 shepherds here found manuscript of the Old Testament, which is the famous Dead Sea Scrolls. The Dead Sea Scrolls is the world’s oldest known literature, Hebrew Dian Aramaic and Greek languages, on the “biblical” scriptures provide shocking evidence of credibility. The Dead Sea Scrolls in 1947 and 1956 found in 11 caves in the Qumran caves of the northwestern shore of the Dead Sea. By using carbon-14 Dian ancient writing instruments and writing science research, the Dead Sea Scrolls written about 200 years BC to AD 68 years. Discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, once again demonstrating that the Bible is correct.
Go to the Dead Sea, the Dead Sea is a real inland salt lake, which is 10 times the normal salinity of seawater, even poor people can swim freely floating above the water and dead sea skin showed significant cosmetic effect. Floating in the Dead Sea can enjoy the music.

Day 4: Jerusalem Accommodation: Jerusalem
After breakfast, visit the Holocaust Memorial – are here to commemorate the martyrdom of the Holocaust of six million fellow Jews. In each hall you can actually feel that part of the world to keep in mind the tragic history, witness the victims left behind relics.
Panoramic views of the Mount of Olives Mount Al-Quds: When Jesus arrived in Jerusalem preacher, had taught his disciples the Mount of Olives, the future fate of Jerusalem and cry, here was arrested after the resurrection is also close to the Assumption. Palm Sunday Road: from the nearby Mount of Olives seven arch lookout point a ladder descended these, palm Sunday is the road. Jesus is the Mount of Olives Bethphage after departure, along a road to go to the Old City, donkey into the city.
Dominus Flevit Church: here is the future of Jerusalem as Jesus wept over the place. AD after 70 years, Luo Mati more general burned the temple. Temple melted in a large number of gold flowing into the crevice, the best of the Roman army for the sake of gold, the temple will be demolished, even the foundations of the reveal, fulfilled the prophecy of the Lord Jesus: “Even a stone is not left on the stone . ” Garden of Gethsemane: Gethsemane Jesus prayed earnestly, was later betrayed by Judas kiss cypher place. Church of All Nations: is made up of 16 countries donated money built, dedicated to God as a “house of prayer for all nations”, it was this name. St. Anne’s Church: St. Anne’s Church is now preserved Dian’s oldest and most beautiful churches. Great sound echoes inside the church. Bethesda Pool: Jesus in Jerusalem near the Sheep Gate a pool called Bethesda in healing a sick 38-year lame, called him up and walk. 14 Station Road bitter: refers to Jesus after being tried, from Pilate’s courtyard, carrying the cross, he walked through the streets. 14 Station Road bitter. And finally into the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. It is Jesus suffered, burial and resurrection of construction land, and the entrance to the tomb of Jesus in the church. Hyun Tower of David • appreciation night after dinner. You will enter through the virtual reality of Jerusalem fascinating ancient history, witnessed the story of the past, witness the historical truth. The story of Genesis from the beginning to the eternal Holy City of Jerusalem, Jerusalem as the center of the world to show the unique charm.

Day 5: Jerusalem – Bethlehem – Jerusalem
Visit Jerusalem “Time Elevator.” The film is composed of top historians and scholars write, the whole film is about 30 minutes, but people can enjoy 3,000 years of history from Jerusalem. Go to one of Israel’s symbol of Mount Zion. After the demise of ancient Israel, the poet wrote a poem: “We have the rivers of Babylon we sat down, thought of Zion wept.” Mount Zion to visit the tomb of David, Cenacle (the Last Supper of Jesus with his disciples keep the place), Church of Our Lady of sleep. Cock Church: cock Church after Jesus was arrested Peter denied the Lord three times a place where ancient mansion belongs to Caiaphas. Jesus’ trial and imprisonment in the high priest Caiaphas the mansion. — Go to the Western Wall of the Jewish sacred place. For centuries, the Jewish prayer where sorrow, so called the Wailing Wall. Visit the Temple Mount (not enter into the inside), the only one of the three main monotheistic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam Dian), the Temple Mount is the historical and spiritual center of Jerusalem. — Jesus’ birth to the Holy Land in Bethlehem: The Bible records:. “When King Herod when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea” prophet Micah prophesied as early as 600 years before the birth of Jesus in this matter happened: “In Bethlehem his law ah, you small among the clans of Judah, from you in the future there will be an out in Israel for me to be ruler. ” Visit the Church of the Nativity: Joseph returned to Bethlehem with Mary registration on the books, it has met she should be delivered. Mary gave birth to Jesus in the manger. After the return to Jerusalem.

Day 6: Jerusalem – Tel Aviv
Go to Capitol Hill, the symbol of Israel’s big seven candlesticks pictures taken. Go to Tel Aviv. After lunch visit Dzengoff Street, Rabin Square, visit the world’s most ancient port, the Mediterranean Jaffa, here it is a place inhabited by Israeli artists. You can take a leisurely stroll in the Mediterranean beach, this special experience local culture. Take the evening flight back to the country.