Tour Haifa: 5 Must-Visit Sites in Haifa


As the “Capital of the North”, a Haifa tour can fulfil everyone’s different interests.  Haifa has the Mediterranean Sea, the Carmel Mountain as well as the buzzling energetic city center, no matter what you like, Haifa has it all.

According to a survey with a group of Israeli tour guides, here are the top 5 places you must visit when you tour Haifa, let’s go!

1.  Bahai’s Garden

  • Types of attraction: Human Heritage, Landmark, Religious
  • Time needed: 30 mins ~ 2 hours

Bahai’s Garden is the most sacred place in Bahai’s religion.  Extending from the summit of Mount Carmel, this magnificent garden features 19 terraces and the gold-domed Shrine of the Bab, which contains the tomb of Siyyad Ali Muhammed.

There are three entrances for visitors to enter – the top, the middle and the bottom level.

The best view, of course, is from the top level.  The biggest garden and Golden Dome is accessible only from middle level.  From the bottom level, you may want to see the extraordinary view to mount Carmel and Ben Gurion boulevard by night. Make sure your camera or phone has full battery, because you are going to take so many pictures that finish up the

The gardens look and smell wonderful, if you have limited time, just visit the top terrain from Yefe Nof street. It offers a significant view of the Haifa port.  Check the visiting hour in case not to be stopped outside.  The place is closed on rainy days due to the danger of slippery.

2. The German Colony

  • Types of attraction: Landmark, food & drink, architecture, nightlife
  • Time needed: 1 hour +

The German Colony locates right in front of the Bahai’s Garden, at the foot of Mt. Carmel, spreading around Ben Gurion Avenue. The houses around this area are old stone houses with classic style, each house has its history and spirit.

You should visit the German Colony twice – in daytime and in nighttime. In daytime, you can see the vibrate road full of café houses and restaurants. In night time, the street is decorated with lights that go all the way up to the Bahai’s Garden. You can simply sit down by the road site, stroll around the old houses, or sit in a café you like and watch the people and traffic buzzing through.  This special tour Haifa experience can inevitably bring up your nostalgia, try it!

3. Carmel Forest National Park

  • Types of attraction: nature, outdoor, family tour
  • Time needed: 2 hours +

The Carmel Forest National Park is devoted to the raising of endangered and extinct animals of the region. The park maintains breeding cells of Persian fallow deer, roe deer, as well as various types of vultures and other raptors.

The Park is just 10 minutes by car away from Haifa city. If you are a biker, the tour can be done by bike (rental bike is possible in advance). The landscape is 360 degrees and you can see up to the Lebanese border. Many marked walking routes can be found all over the national park, from easy/family walks up to the fitted for an 8 hours walk. Picnic areas and camping night places can be found as well. It is an ideal place for a full-day family Haifa tour.

4. Dado Beach

  • Types of attraction: outdoor, food & drink, family tour
  • Time needed: 1 hour+

Dado Beach is praised as the largest and best beach in Haifa, a great place for refreshing air when you tour Haifa.

You can sit at one of the café with seating on the sand, ordering a refreshing drink and watch the sunset. It also offers a nice promenade to walk and interact with locals. There are plenty of restaurants and ice cream shops. Dado Beach is near the bus/metro station, so it is ideal for those who don’t have a car.

5. Daliat El Carmel – Muharka Monastery

  • Types of attraction: nature, family tour, religious
  • Time needed: 1 hour

As the name suggest, it is a Druze town, located around 20km southeast of Haifa. The Muharka Monastery located 2 kilometer southeast to Dalyat al-Karmel and marks the battle between prophet Elijah and the prophets of the Ba’al, it is belonging to the Carmelite Order.

As you enter the monastery courtyard, you will be greeted by a stone sculpture of the Prophet Elijah, which represents the climax of Elijah’s struggle against the prophets of the Canaanite god Baal, which, according to tradition, took place at the site where the monastery now stands.

You can climb up to the roof of the monastery and view the magnificent landscapes of the Jezreel Valley lie below, and there are views towards the Galilean Hills and the peak of Mount Hermon.  It is a popular off-the-beaten-path to tour Haifa.