2020 Israeli & Jewish Holidays


(*For national holidays)

Please note: All holidays start at sunset, that means all holidays really start from the previous night at the onset of sunset.  

2020 Name of the Holiday
February 10th Tu B’Shvat
March 10th Purim
March 11th Shushan Purim
April 8th Passover Eve
April 9— 15* Passover Intermedium Days
April 21 Yom HaShoah
April 29* Independence Day
May 22 Jerusalem Day
May 28 Eve of Shavu’ot
May 29* Shavu’ot
July 30 Tish’a b’Av
September 18 Eve of Rosh HaShana
September 19-20* Rosh HaShana
September 27 Eve of Yom Kippur
September 28* Yom Kippur
October 2 Sukkot Eve
October 3-9* Sukkot
October 10* Simchat Torah
December 11-18 Chanukka