Virility Medical Gives Quality of Life Back to Men


For some medical issues that are difficult to mention in public, an Israeli medical startup has a noble solution to save the day.
Virility Medical is an Israeli start-up developing a disposable intimate skin patch with electrical stimulation capabilities for the treatment of premature ejaculation (PE)

PE is the most common sexual dysfunction in men, affecting roughly 25% of the adult male. Existing treatments rely mostly on pharmacotherapy with limited efficacy and are also associated with systemic side effects such as headaches, nausea, and diminished libido. Topical therapy is the application of desensitizing creams. This treatment method also offers limited efficacy, along with side effects such as diminished spontaneity and transvaginal absorption resulting in vaginal numbness.

Virility Medical is developing a patch that can be controlled by mobile device

The Product – vPatch

vPatch is an electrical stimulation skin patch for the treatment of premature ejaculation and climax control. The vPatch neuromodulates the activity of the pelvic-floor muscles during intercourse and postpone ejaculation. The vPatch is intended for single-use and can be discarded after use.

A Profitable Future

Virility expects to gain operational profitability in 2020. Virility will engage distribution partners where it can leverage an existing sales force. Virility is actively seeking strategic partnership with global distributors of relevant/complementary products, both for OTC and Rx labeling. Several candidates have been identified and correspondence have begun.

Current Status

Virility is looking to raise $5M for this round to help the company achieve the following milestones:
• Product optimization, transfer to production
• Pivotal study completion (Israel and Italy)
• FDA approval
• CE mark approval
• Post-marketing studies in the US and EU
• Initial sales in specific region

IP Status                         Application # Description
WO2017089887A2 Using electrical stimulation for PE & Erectile Dysfunction
PCT PCT/IL2018/051402 HW & SW features, activation methods, Incontinence


Virility’s core team is comprised of experts in medical practice, technology development, business and academic areas. These are the ingredients for a successful team.

  • Zohar Gendler – Chairperson
  • Tal Gollan – Founder & CEO
  • Oded Kraft – Board Member
  • Dr. Arik Shechter, M.D. – Medical Director
  • Prof. Ilan Gruenwald, M.D. – Scientific Advisory Board Member
  • Dr. Ege Can Serefoglu, M.D. – Scientific Advisory Board Member
  • Prof. Wayne Hellstrom, M.D. – Scientific Advisory Board Member

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