Nurami Medical Renovates Soft Tissue Repair


Soft tissue repair is essential for post-operation healing. Soft tissue repair products must prevent leakage and pathogen entry on the one hand, yet support regeneration of new tissue, as such, these products must be both porous enough to promote tissue growth, yet ensure effective sealing. The current state of the art requires the use of two separate product: porous matrices and liquid sealants.

The Need

Nurami Medical Ltd. is an Israeli medical device company with a revolutionary, proprietary nanofiber and sealant technology focused on the global soft tissue repair market.

Nurami’s first product is a dural substitute graft for neurosurgeries. State-of-the-art dural grafts suffer from significant limitations. A high percentage of neurosurgeries experience CSF leakages and resulting complications. CSF leakage complications add $10,000 to $20,000 per case. Additional limitations of currently used dural grafts include risk of disease transmission, dangerous adhesions to the brain, cumbersome handling and suturing, poor mechanical properties, and finally the cost of using both a graft and a sealant in the procedure.

Nurami’s dural graft addresses these shortcomings and offers a porous nanofiber graft which mimics the dura thickness and elasticity, while promoting rapid regeneration, and preventing CSF leakage and pathogen entry.

The Product

Nurami’s ArtiFascia ® is the first multifunctional nanofiber-based tissue reconstruction graft that combines these two functions in a single device. This revolutionary technology is based on medical-grade, biodegradable
polymers fabricated at nanometer diameter ranges, which are used to create scaffolds that mimic natural extracellular matrices. These scaffolds boast the necessary porosity and malleability to serve as soft tissue grafts and enhance regeneration. The grafts also degrade naturally, without potentially dangerous adhesions.

Nurami’s patent protected grafts integrate a temperature sensitive visco-elastic polymer smart sealant which becomes highly deformable gel that penetrates suture holes and conforms to fibers, even when stretched. This novel gel eliminates the need for surgical sealants, ensuring superb sealing of the surgical site and prevention of dangerous pathogen entry. With its ability to produce highly flexible, durable and multi-functional grafts that seal leakages and enhance tissue-regeneration, Nurami Medical is positioned at the forefront of next-generation surgery.

A Multi-Billion Dollar Market Opportunity

Nurami’s nanofiber with smart sealant is a platform technology, which can be used as a graft for numerous surgical procedures. The global soft tissue repair market reached $16.5 in 2017 with the tissue mesh segment comprising a 37.5% of this market for over $6 billion. The total market is poised to reach $25.6 billion in 2024.

Nurami’s preliminary target market is the dural repair market for brain surgeries. According to Allied Market Research (8/2018), the soft tissue dural repair market reached $1.35 billion in 2017, and is projected to reach $2.14 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 5.9% through 2025. Nurami has calculated the total 2018 market for dural grafts and sealant for craniotomies at over $600 million to reach close to $1 billion in 2025.

The Team

  • Hannoch Marksheid, CEO – extensive experience in leading Medical Device companies to the market
  • Dr. Amir Bahar, COO and Clinical Manager – Co-Founder of the company, a world-class brain-scientist
  • Nora Nseir-Manassa, CTO – Co-Founder of the company, M.Sc. in Bio-Medicine, a true innovator
  • Dr. Harel Kasuto, Production and Operations Manager – Biotechnological manufacturing expert
  • Rodaina Omar, Product and QA Engineer – M.Sc. in Bio-Medical engineering, expert in tissue engineering