Why You Should Invest in Israeli Real Estate Now


With average fertility rate as high as 3.13 children per woman, the highest among developed countries – 181,000 babies were born in Israel in 2016, and 24,000 immigrants arrived, Israel is facing a housing shortage crisis.  In Austria, a woman gives birth to 1.9 children on average, In Switzerland 1.5. In those countries, they need fewer homes with each passing generation; However, Israel needs almost twice as many.

Currently there are 8,650,000 citizens live in Israel plus about 200,000 invisible illegal immigrants – the population has overtaken Austria and Switzerland.

There will be a million more Israelis every five years.

Advisor to the Director of the Research Department at the Bank of Israel Dr. Kobi Braude reported, “The assessment is that the accumulated shortage in homes relative to demographic needs in the Jewish sector is 30,00040,000 homes.” (Source: Globes)


Housing shortage is the cause for real estate price hike in Israel, the basic supply-and-demand math.  Investing in real estate is one of the best and safest option in Israel, if you follow the right strategic partners.

Real estate deals in Israel are done through licensed agents and finalized with a lawyer.  A Real Estate agent must pass a national examination to obtain a license (see a copy on the left).

Real estate investment is a main portfolio in HSU Holdings and Investment Ltd, HSU has its own licensed real estate agents and lawyers to help find your best real estate investment; moreover, HSU is planning a commercial real estate investment fund which provides at least 16% net profit per year, with the scale of 5 million USD.

HSU specialized in commercial real estate – hotels, office buildings, compounds and new projects, by running a private fund and in the future, to form a REIT.

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