Dr. Fischer – the Pharma Entrepreneur Shares His Success Story


Dr. Fischer – the Pharma Entrepreneur Industrialist Shares His Business Insight

Many big enterprises in Israel now are managed by 3rd or 4th generation,  Fischer Pharmaceutical, the company manufactures their famous brand “Dr. Fischer” is also run by the 2nd generation – except the founder himself, Dr. Eli Fischer, is still an active role in the business development for the company.

In order to encourage young generation to step out and establish their own business dreams, Dr. Fischer authored his biography combing his life story and business lessons in his book, “Dr. Fischer – The Man Behind the Logo“, available in paperback.

There are many exciting chapters in this book, among them you can read about Fischer’s legal struggle with Body Shop UK, and the cooperation deal with L’Oreal Paris.

Fischer’s effort to expand the business to Arab world also worth careful reading for global business people.

“Dr. Fischer – The Man Behind the Logo” just launched its Chinese version of E-book, and we believe his wisdom can bring benefits to Chinese entrepreneurs alike.