Israel 1 Day Tour


This tour is meant for people with short stay, to maximize their best Jerusalem experience in the limited time.

Airport  → Jerusalem: Mt. Olives,  Gethsemane,  Old City, Dead Sea → Airport or Hotel

After picking up from Ben Gurion airport , we get on the wifi mini-bus with professional driver and tour guide to the Holy City – Jerusalem.
About arriving in Jerusalem in about 45 minutes, we’ll go to the first site: Mount of Olives.  You can see the iconic panoramic view of Old city, as well as most part of Jerusalem.

Then we continue on to the foot of the Mount of Olives – the Garden of Gethsemane.  Here you will see ancient olive trees of more than 2000 years old, according to legend, Jesus was here walking through these trees and weeping. Thus, the church next to it is called the Church of Agony.

Next stop is to enter one of the seven gates of Jerusalem Old City, which is the closest to the Wailing Wall – the Dung Gate.  Here we will listen to the guide explaining the rich history, multi-cultural and religious backgrounds of this ancient city , and to explore the world famous Wailing Wall.

Leaving the Wailing Wall, we will come to a street of Bazaar, then reach the most sacred place by Christian, Catholic and Orthodox – Church of the Holy Sepulchre.  It is the place where Jesus was crucified, died, buried and resurrected,  pilgrims from all over the world fill this place every day.  Then we drink a cup of fresh pomegranate juice, continue to the Jaffa Gate with Tower of David next to it, the moat is still visible.

Out of Jaffa, Jerusalem, we will see Jerusalem buildings from different millennia.

After lunch, we continue to the lowest place of the world – the Dead Sea. We choose the best equipped private beach on the dead sea, you can also enjoy the natural sulfur springs.

Finally, after dinner we will return you to airport or your hotel, this is the end of one day tour.

USD Reference Price:

2 people $1,750  ($875/ppx) VIP 1 day tour includes:

– airport pickup and return
– drive +VIP mini bus
– professional guide
– lunch, dinner
– go to sites or business visits
(hotel booking is not included; we can help you to book)


4 people $2,100  ($525/ppx)
6 people $2,480  ($413/ppx)